Clients: Erasmus MC, WPG, Coca cola/Smartwater, Dura Vermeer, Van Eesterenmuseum, Extreme Cashmere by Popstudio

WPG  DISCONNECTION/ book 2016 - under construction
Erasmus MC / Summerlabb/ Supermarket/ WdKA 2016 exposing translations by students of relevant scientistic food researches into lifestyle by means of design
Popstudio Extreme Cashmere: against all fashion conventions.../ branding strategy 2016
Van Eesterenmuseum 2015
Smartwater / Coca Cola/ Launching Smartwater London in collaboration with Exposure Ltd London 2015
The School of life Antwerp
Lensvelt/ Studio Job Amsterdam 
Dura Vermeer/ hotelconcept 2014
Wdka Rotterdam: 
curator Dutch design week 2015 Alumni Product design WdKA
Interiordesign TOWNHOUSE 2016
Interiordesign Appartment Amsterdam 2015
Interiordesign TOWNHOUSE Amsterdam 2014
Interiordesign Canal house 2015
Interiordesign Souterrain 2015


EENMAAL, the first one person restaurant in the world, School of life Antwerp

EENMAAL Champagne
24hours economy furniture line
 Press: Our work has been covered, in many publications as Vogue, Elle magazine, Superfuture, Volkskrant, NRC, NZ Herald Tribune, The Guardian, La Republicca, in reportages on ZDF heute, VRT1, RTL 4, Giel!, BNR, CBS and in the NBCToday show, the Times, the Independent and more.MVGCA: 
“ Design is the means by which we attempt to expose deep-rooted structures and thinking routes that play a role in actualities.’
 "With our knowledge and experience in the different worlds of science, corporate business and tyhe creative world creativity, we know how to unify them." " We are trying to make complicated social issues more accessible by means of design""Pretty is not enough"  Interview by Freunde von Freunden 









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